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Lavender Hill Designs

Welcome to the LHD Blog!

This blog is home to all things travel, new arrivals, store events, European recipes, our favorite pieces in the store, and more. We hope you enjoy reading our posts, and we'd love to hear from you in the comments section!

Bonjour I'On New Store Location for Lavender Hill Designs European Boutique and Gift Shop in Mount Pleasant South Carolina

Bonjour, I'On

Our new store is such a wonderful change from our previous location; I’On is a lively place, with a decidedly European feel that we absolutely love!

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Queen Elizabeth II Platinum Jubilee Celebration Blog Post from Lavender Hill Designs Boutique

The Queen's Platinum Jubilee

This year, Queen Elizabeth, the UK's longest-reigning monarch, also became the first British monarch to celebrate a Platinum Jubilee after 70 years on the throne. Throughout the UK from Thursday, June 2nd to Sunday, June 5th, people will be taking to the streets to celebrate with pomp and circumstance! 

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Celebrate Yourself just the way you are - International No Diet Day Blog Post I Yam What I Yam

I Yam What I Yam!

Have you ever heard of “International No Diet Day”? I had not until recently. What? This is crazy, right? I personally hate the word diet. It’s a 4-letter word that makes me want to eat Doritos! 
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How to Picnic Like the French - National Picnic Day April 23 2022

How to Picnic Like the French

Since learning that April 23rd is National Picnic Day, I have been reminiscing about picnics I've enjoyed over the years. Neighborhood potlucks, sand-enriched sandwiches on the beach, and boating excursions all count, but my favorite picnic memories are those I've enjoyed on trips throughout France. In fact, my favorite travel food memories were made on French picnics!

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Easter in Southern Italy - Italian Easter Traditions

Italian Easter Traditions

To many families, Easter celebrations are not complete without traditional foods that often reflect ancestral origins, and as all my grandparents emigrated from Italy, our unique Easter foods reflect their southern Italian heritage.

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Moving Part 1 Au Revoir Belle Hall Blog Cover Photo

Au Revoir, Belle Hall

Five years ago, we opened our store at Belle Hall with a lot of excitement and a heathy dose of fear. There was so much laughter and so many fun times with our customers during our time there, but I had visions of an even more European feel to the store.
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National Dress Day Blog Post

The Magic of Dresses

While I loved being a tomboy back in the day, I love wearing dresses now. I love what they symbolize to me, and I am struck by how dresses have defined major moments in my life.
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What's Old is New Again Breathing New Life into Vintage French Furniture with Memere's Dresser

Breathing New Life into Vintage French Furniture

My most challenging and beloved project: refinishing my Mémère’s French Provincial dresser. I am looking forward to this amazing piece being enjoyed by my family for generations to come!
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National Croissant Day Blog Post Cover Photo

Croissants: Always a Good Idea!

It may be National Croissant Day on January 30th, but, honestly, who needs a holiday to enjoy the deliciousness of croissants? There’s nothing greater in life than a fresh brew of coffee or tea and delicious croissants on a beautiful table, with family, friends or alone with your fur baby
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National Chocolate Cake Day Blog Post Cover Photo

Chocolate Cake – With or Without the Calories

For me, one of the greatest gifts in life is chocolate cake. The second is shopping. On this National Chocolate Cake Day, you can have your cake and eat it, too, with some great cake and a bit of shopping!
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Holiday Traditions from the Lavender Hill Designs Team

Happy Holidays from the LHD Team

We hope you are all having a happy holiday season! From our homes to yours, we wanted to share a few of our favorite holiday traditions with you...
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Bûche de Noël Yule Log Cake Blog Post Cover Photo

Sweet Traditions: Bûche de Noël

Bûche de Noël is a classic French dessert that dates back to the medieval custom of burning a yule log to bring the family good luck in the New Year. Today, Bûches de Noël fill the windows of nearly every pâtisserie in Paris during the holiday season.
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