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Bonjour, I'On

Well, it’s been a time coming! Welcome to Part II of our moving series!

We closed our doors in Belle Hall and transitioned the store to online-only while we completed renovations at our new location in I’On. After four long months, we were finally ready to open!

Lavender Hill Designs Boutique and European Gift Store in I'On Charleston, South Carolina

Our new store is such a change from our previous location. This time we really got to put our mark on the place and make it exactly how I always imagined it would look. The main part of the store is mostly white with shades of gray and beige. The tin ceiling that used to hang down the center of the store was inlaid with white tiles on the edges, and it turned out exactly as I’d hoped. And my favorite part of all - the wall mural of Paris - is perfect! A lot of hard work from many people went into making my dream a reality, and I am so grateful to everyone involved!

Our flower boxes and pots are brimming with gorgeous florals to give a cheery welcome to the bustling, busy neighborhood outside our door. From people dining al fresco at the nearby restaurants and wine bar to the constant stream of cars, bikes and walkers, the square at I’On is a lively place, with a decidedly European feel that we absolutely love!

Inside Lavender Hill Designs Boutique and European Gift Store in I'On Charleston, South Carolina

With a smaller storefront, the boutique now has a more intimate feel, and we love that we can rotate merchandise through the store, so there’s always something new for our customers to discover! We’ve already had visits from our old friends and are making so many new ones; thank you to everyone that has stopped in to see us! We’ve heard from residents in the neighborhood that the square really needed a place to buy gifts, and after coming in to look around, our store is so much more than they had hoped for. We hope our boutique in I’On will become one of your new favorite places to shop, too!

We couldn’t be more pleased about our first few months in the new space, and if you haven’t been over to our new store, please come visit us! Stop in, wander around, have a coffee (or maybe a glass of wine), relax, and find that je ne sais quoi that’s been missing from your life.

Paris France Wall Mural at Lavender Hill Designs European Boutique and Gift Shop in Mount Pleasant South Carolina

À bientôt! (See you soon!)

- Tracey


For those interested in getting a Paris mural like ours, you can find it on the DecoWallCo shop on Etsy. The owner, Victoria, was lovely to work with, and we highly recommend the mural!

Shop small, y'all!

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