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It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year!

This morning, I poured my first cup of coffee to wake my brain cells, and it took a second refill for all my senses to fully ignite. Once they did, I jumped with excitement; this week officially kicks off the holiday shopping craziness! LHD has worked tirelessly for this moment. You may have already been tucking things away here and there, or you may be the most organized member of your family who has already finished off your holiday shopping list. But for those of you who wait until after Thanksgiving – either to get the best deals or because Christmas can’t start before Black Friday – we are here for you!

Shop Small Business This Holiday Season With Lavender Hill Designs

At LHD, we absolutely love this time of year! The excitement of unveiling new arrivals for the holidays, helping our customers find the most unique gifts for everyone on their list, revealing our online holiday specials, and that first whiff of pine scented candles really energize our holiday spirit. Whether your shopping tradition is to wake up before the sun rises on Black Friday or to relax and shop from the comfort of your couch, we are ready for you! Our online store is open 24 hours, making it the most convenient way to shop this holiday season, no matter the time of day. (Personally, I’m not one who enjoys the early wake up call for Black Friday shopping!)

This time of year always brings back the memory of my first Black Friday experience with my daughter, and I chuckle every time I think of it. We woke at 3:00am, and our first stop was coffee. Black, no sugar, no whip! Our next stop was the big box store parking lot filled with what seemed like millions of cars. It’s now 4:00am. We drank our coffee in silence (we’re not chatty in the morning) and people watched for what seemed like hours (but was only 10 minutes). Where do these folks get their morning energy? With no words spoken, we knew what the other was thinking. I quietly started the car and drove home where our warm beds awaited us, thankful for local boutiques and online shopping.

No matter how you kick off your holiday shopping tradition, there is one thing I hope you keep in mind and always remember: SHOP WITH SMALL BUSINESSES!

“Why,” you ask? For starters, you won’t need to wake up at 3:00am! If that’s not incentive enough, you won’t have to drive around the parking lot looking for a space in a sea of cars, deal with cranky, tired staff, or worse, a business that’s short staffed. When you browse our online store, you’ll immediately realize you made the right decision to sleep in. Sitting in your own surroundings, your imagination will come to life when decorating your home with beautifully crafted tableware, home décor and linens from Europe. If you’re searching for a soy candle that, at first whiff, offers a holiday scent and transports you to a festive gathering with your nearest and dearest, we have those as well! Then, there’s the latest in women’s fashion from La Mer Luxe, sleepwear, wraps, scarves, and jewelry. If you need one more reason to shop with us, there’s that touch of the South that can be found in some of our tabletop pieces; after all we are located just minutes from the beach!

But, let’s remember, it is Black Friday, Small Business Saturday and Cyber Monday. This is the time of year when shopping is a celebration of sales and discounts that, personally, I look forward to every year! This time of year was designed for shopping, and when you find that perfect gift, it can be as good as a chocolate cake sugar rush! Although our in-store experience is on hold until December 2021 while we relocate (read more about that here), that feeling of chocolate cake goodness can still happen online!

To kick off this Holiday Shopping Season, I’m happy to present our Small Business Saturday and Cyber Monday special. For 3 days only, November 27, 28, and 29 we are offering a 40% discount on our entire online inventory. Yes, you read that correctly, 40% off! Mark your calendar, and don’t hesitate. As a small business that stocks mainly things from Europe, we have limited supplies and are unlikely to restock before Christmas, so if you see something you love, make sure you get it before it’s gone! However, if you find you cannot decide what to buy your favorite someone, we have unlimited gift cards! (Read how gift cards can make you a genius here!)

As mentioned earlier our in-store experience is on hold, but not for long. Please watch for our opening date - coming soon! We cannot wait to be settled in our new home and welcome you with open arms! Until then, happy shopping in the Lavender Hill Designs Online Boutique!

And, as always, thank you for supporting our small business!

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