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The Magic of Dresses

National Dress Day: A celebration of dresses and the magical moments that happen when we wear them

National Dress Day La Mer Luxe Samantha Midi Dress

Growing up, I was always a tomboy and refused to wear dresses. My fashion-loving, Chanel-wearing mother tried endlessly to entice (and sometimes bribe) me into wearing them, but back then, the only designer I was concerned with was Levi Strauss. Nothing made me happier than my faded jeans, Pink Floyd t-shirt, and sneakers in every color. That was my style, and as far as I was concerned, I looked good!

On March 6th, observe National Dress Day by reflecting on memorable events when we recall dearest memories by what we were wearing. – National Day Calendar

Reflecting on this National Dress Day quote, I’ve come to realize that while my mother was unsuccessful in her attempts at making me a girly girl in my teens, she succeeded in the long run. I am struck by how dresses have defined major moments in my life – my prom dress (and awful date), my first job interview (and the run in my panty hose), the dress I wore on my first date with my now husband, my wedding dress, the dresses I wore when my children were christened, the one I wore to my daughter’s wedding, and so many more!

While I loved being a tomboy back in the day, I love wearing dresses, and I love what they symbolize to me: confidence, pride in myself, and a celebration of my femininity. Whether you're walking into a board room, a party full of strangers, or a girls’ night out, a good-fitting dress can help you feel confident and think, “yes, I’ve arrived, and I feel pretty!” Dresses don’t make this magic, we do – but they help us look good while doing it! And isn’t that all we can ask of our clothes?

To celebrate National Dress Day, LHD is paying homage to dresses with a 40% off sale on our La Mer Luxe collection!

Happy National Dress Day – I hope you celebrate in style!

- Cindy

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