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You, My Friend, Are a Genius!

Are you that shopper who believes gift cards are impersonal, suggest you’re lazy, or come across as simply unimaginable? Well, my friend, I am here to tell you gift cards are genius, especially from a small business!

Gift Card Blog Post - Find the Perfect Gift at Lavender Hill Designs

Gift cards are impersonal? On the contrary! You chose a Lavender Hill Designs gift card! That alone was a very personal selection! Your gift offers countless options and the freedom of choice. This was an intentional decision to support a small business. See where I’m going? (Keep reading for ideas on how to make your card more personal.)

Lazy or convenient? This is a no brainer…definitely convenient!!! It takes a few minutes of your busy day to go online and follow the simple steps to purchase your LHD Gift Card. This is not an act of laziness, but a brilliant strategy to coincide with your busy schedule.

Gift cards are unimaginative? Who put that idea in your head? You have given The Hardest Person In The World To Shop For the freedom to pick for themselves. The anxiety of shopping and not knowing what to buy? Who needs it! Have you ever bought something just to buy it, knowing it will be re-gifted or, worse, stuck in a drawer and forgotten about? Worry no more! You will sleep well knowing your gift will be put to good use, and even those on your list that are traditionally impossible to buy for will be excited to treat themselves to the exact gift they’ve been dreaming about! How kind are you?!

Now, let’s talk about your budget. Most of us have a budget to follow, and you do not want to blow it by over buying! Have you ever gone shopping for a $25 gift and ended up spending $40? Ouch, that is a budget stinger! With a gift card you have the power to stay on budget. Yay, you!

Let’s recap: Lavender Hill Designs Gift Cards are personal, imaginative, budget-friendly, and a convenient way to shop for everyone on your list. It doesn’t matter what occasion you are shopping for; gift cards are special. They show that you care enough to let the recipient pick out something they are sure to love – after all, they’ll choose it themselves! In the meantime, you can sit back and celebrate, knowing every person on your gift list will be getting exactly what they want. You, my friend, are a GENIUS!

How to make your gift card more personal:

  1. Give a gift within a gift: Put your gift card in a card case, pop it in a cosmetic bag, hide it in a teapot or mug, tuck it inside a pair of slippers, or slip it in the pocket of a robe. The possibilities are endless!
  2. Pick a unique way to wrap it: While sticking your gift card inside a greeting card is the classic way to present your gift (and make sure it doesn’t get lost!), we have a few ideas if you want to get more creative. Perhaps use a jazzy box with a big bow, find a small cloth bag (you could even sew one yourself!), or place it inside a mason jar full of their favorite candy! Remember – half the fun is opening the gift!
  3. Write a heartfelt note: One of the most important parts of every gift you give is the message you give it with! Personally, I love a handwritten note. With the rise of technology, handwriting has often been replaced with the convenience of emails and texts. When it comes to a heartfelt gift, writing a note by hand lets that special someone know you’ve taken the time to tell them how much you love and appreciate them. Do not worry about how neat your handwriting is, just do your best, and your intention will be felt! If you need a card to go with your gift, we’ve got you covered! Explore our greeting cards and stationery for all your gifting occasions – we even have minis if you don’t have as much to say!

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