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Praga Necklace in Blue Stewardess
1 in stock
Capri Mineral and River Pearl Necklace
Capri Suede Necklace in Camel
Capri Small Pearl Drop Necklace
Tilley and Grace Rosalie Gold Necklace
Tilley and Grace Sonja Circle Necklace
Tilley and Grace Sonja Oval Necklace
Double Coded Necklace with Squares in Grey and Silver
Rosanna de la Riva Roma Suede Necklace in Tan and Gold
Rosanna de la Riva Identity Circles Necklace Grey
Ribbon and Striped Ovals Necklace in Grey and Black
1 in stock
Rosanna de la Riva Collar Identity Copper Necklace
Rosanna de la Riva Ana Necklace Grey Suede Cord with Silver Circle
1 in stock
Meryl Necklace Hematite
Olivia Garnet Necklace
Novak Necklace Black Agate
Meryl Necklace Black Agate
Farrah Black Agate Necklace
Farrah Ivory Agate Necklace
Lynda Garnet and Agate Necklace
Susan Black Agate Necklace
1 in stock
Anne Grey Seashell and Freshwater Shell Necklace
Julia Necklace
Raquel Agate Necklace
Sera Caramel Sandstone Necklace
Elise Necklace
Grier Pearl Twist Necklace
1 in stock
Stanwyck Green Sandstone Necklace
Stanwyck Pearl Quartz Necklace
Avantika Rose Quartz Necklace
1 in stock
Streep Black Agate Necklace
Tyler Garnet Necklace
67 results