Elizabeth Scarlett Mini Candle Gift Set

Choose between our three packs of mini scented candles in a luxurious gift box. Choose your scent from our range Vanilla Blossom & Tuberose, White Cedarwood & Cyclamen and Passion Flower & Pineapple, designed to transform an atmosphere with these classic, fruity and fresh scents. Made from 100% scented soy and essential oils mixed in the South of France. 
  • Set of three mini scented candles
  • All candles are made from sustainable soy wax
  • Candle tips: Trim wick for optimum burning. Burn until wax meets the edge of the jar. An even melt pool prevents tunneling and will make your candle last longer.
  • Burn time: 10 hours
  • Chic translucent glass vessels
  • Small gold motif on every candle