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Entre Nous | A Woman's Guide To Finding Her Inner French Girl


What makes French girls as serenely self-satisfied as purring cats...and catnip to the men who admire them?

We'd all be as free as the French girl if we looked like her, right? The stereotypical French girl is often insolently thin, casually chic, and fashionable despite a simple wardrobe. With or without makeup she is always put together and utterly self-confident, imbued with natural elegance and an elusive distance that is particularly, maddeningly French.

But this stereotype obscures delicious paradoxes about he French girl and her body. Yes, she does have an exasperating tendency to be thin, Reams have been written trying to decode the mystery of a people who smoke, drink, eat goose fat, and still look fabulous. But in reality, the French girl comes in a multitude of styles and body shapes, and whatever her figure, she looks remarkable and just plain sexy.

The French girl understands that sexy is a state of mind. Her relationship to food and her body is sensual, not tyrannical, and she takes pleasure in both.

-from Entre Nous