Kitchen Candle | Sea Salt & Lemon


Beautiful hand poured aromatic candle that will delicately fragrance any space with the same perfume that characterizes this collection, allowing you to create a cosy and welcoming atmosphere. In addition to being an elegant decorative element that perfectly matched any decoration, it is also a fine gift that will be much appreciated.

With aromatic notes of sea salt and lemon, this candle is perfect for kitchen use.

Light a candle and let this invigorating scent fill the air with joy and lightness, as it neutralizes any odors that remain after cooking.

Let yourself fall in love with this joyful piece that includes a lid to cover your candle when it is not being used. Made of cork, this material is sustainable and eco-friendly.

For optimal results, use together with the matching soap-on-a-rope to remove pesky smells from your hands.

Time to have fun in the kitchen with our Castelbel Sardine Collection and its sea salt and lemon scent. Composed of a soap-on-a-rope that removes pesky smells off your hands, a matching scented candle that neutralizes bad odors from cooking and a kitchen cloth to keep clean the space where you work your culinary magic, this range is a must-have at your kitchen. Let yourself be captivated by this playful collection… because your kitchen is a source of happiness!