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Lavender Candle | Lilac


Fragrant lavender candle in a round diamond glass with lilac wax

A lovely candle filled with lavender-infused soy blend wax. Blended with lavender essential oil which provides a soft high-quality fragrance. Wrapped in a beautiful ribbon and bow. Unlike sometimes overpowering fragrances from highly concentrated synthetic fragrances, the relaxing scent from essential oil candles is delicately soft. Makes a lovely gift.

  • Burns for approximately 30 hours
  • 3.5" in diameter
  • Filled with 8oz of soy-blend wax

You will be forgiven for buying these lavender-scented lilac candles in a decorative glass just for the sake of the gorgeous glass they come in. It’s precisely why they are presented this way; to add that wow factor to your space, while infusing your interiors with the soothing lavender smell.