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Marseille Liquid Soap | Red Thyme


Stimulating Red Thyme

More rare and precious than classic thyme, red thyme distinguishes itself with a unique, sensual fragrance.

Cooked in a cauldron in the traditional recipe, our liquid soap is based on vegetable oils. We guarantee that our liquid soap doesn't contain any artificial coloring, animal fat or synthetic surfactant.

The essential oil of red thyme is especially rich in thymol, an ingredient known to have incredible anti-infectious properties.

As a general toner, the essential oil of red thyme strengthens the immune system and helps to prevent infections. As a stimulant, it helps to combat nervous fatigue, to settle anxiety and to relieve insomnia. It serves not only the psyche, but also the body by encouraging the production of white blood cells and improving blood circulation.


  • With stimulating red thyme oil
  • With relaxing soothing Provence oil
  • Made from 100% vegetable oils
  • Perfect for all the family and all types of skin
  • 96% of the total ingredients are from natural origin