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Energizing Verbena Candle


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An essential dose of good mood and vitality, thanks to a citrus fragrance and the action of plants.

Rich in essential oil of energizing Verbena, this candle, with its citrus and sparkling notes, will offer a soft atmosphere in your home for up to 55 hours thanks to its unique wax assembly, providing a fragrant flicker true to the perfume concentrate. Made in France.

Atmosphere and well-being: Feel the energy around you and enjoy its invigorating scent. The essential oil of Verbena is a real source of optimism, helping to fight against stress and low morale.

Verbena is a shrub that is typical of the Mediterranean basin.

Rich in toning and harmonizing Verbena essential oil, our formulas are dedicated to devitalized and tired skin – a vibrant, radiant scent to revive both body and mind!

This plant is a real paradox from nature. It presents different and complementary properties, both energizing and relaxing, that help to reduce stress from our daily life.