Marseille Liquid Soap | Lavender


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Relaxing Lavender

Cooked in a cauldron in the traditional recipe, our liquid soap is based on vegetable oils. We guarantee that our liquid soap doesn't contain any artificial coloring, animal fat or synthetic surfactant.

Also known as "blue gold", lavender is an aromatic tribute to Provence. It is the fragrant soul of the region, the fruit of respectful labor. It grows on arid, calcareous and rocky ground between 800 and 1300m high.

Lavender essential oil is particularly good for sensitive and irritated skin. Its well-being and serenity fragrance is very efficient as an anti-stress to regain relaxation and peace. Thanks to its specific action on the nervous system, it also helps to reduce fluster, head ache and sleeplessness.

  • With relaxing lavender essential oil
  • Made from 100% vegetable oils
  • Perfect for all the family and all types of skin
  • 97% of the total ingredients are from natural origin