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Lavender Sachet with Box | Cabanon


These lavender sachets, accompanied by a magnificent matching box, invite you to explore Provence and its sweetness of life thanks to its exhilarating fragrance and unique watercolors. Escape your day through a sensory journey by squeezing lightly so that its fragrance spreads its delicate scent.

Watercolor printed on both sides of the sachets with natural inks on 100% cotton sateen fabric. The sachet is filled with organic lavender from Provence, France.

  • Design: Cabanon (French for Cottage)
  • Handmade in Provence, France
  • Dimensions: 6.5 cm

These organic lavender sachets can be used both as decorative objects and to benefit from the many properties of lavender to reduce stress and anxiety by breathing in its comforting scent. Just keep a sachet of lavender near you and squeeze it lightly to release the delicate fragrance.

Breathe, close your eyes and let Provence come to you!